STO preparation and conduct
Puller agency is the official representative of Rainier AG Swiss Asset Management

STO stages

I stage
STO application acceptance
Puller provides projects flow, scoring and due diligence. Selected projects pass to the second stage.
II stage
Project approval
Rainer AG conducts the second, final scoring round and approves the project.
III stage
Security token development and issuance. Smart contract development
The Puller technical department ( develops and issues a security token of the project and develops an individual smart contract with fixed conditions on dividend payout.
Since this stage and further, all information on the project’s development is fixed in blockchain, records on taken and performed obligations of the parties are carried out.
IV stage
Documents preparation for investors
Puller jointly with Rainer AG prepare the documentation package and economic motivation of a project for presentation and getting investors’ opinion, in accordance with international standards.
V stage
Project’s legal base preparation
Rainer AG prepares a project’s legal base and structures a transaction.
VI stage
Listing on STO exchange
Project transfers in trust to Rainer AG its security tokens, and then Rainer AG lists it on the Rainex exchange.
VII stage
Tokensale and shares assignment to investor
nvestor acquires a project’s tokens. An appropriate number of shares are simultaneously issued and fixed for an investor.
The control for shares issuance and management is carried out by Rainer AG.
A token is sent to an Investor’s Personal Account, a smart contract on the token with previously negotiated conditions is launched between Rainer AG and an investor.
VIII stage
Income report and dividends payout control
Rainer AG receives a project’s income report and initiates dividend payout to an investor by an investor’s token via a smart contract.

Puller enables marketing and PR campaigns for a project’s promotion in media.

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